State of Nevada

Nevada Agency List

Academic Central - Catalog, Calendar & Class Schedules (UNR) (University of Nevada Reno)Academic Standards, Council to Establish (Education)Accountancy, State Board of (Accountancy)Administration (Attorney General) (Attorney General)Administration Division (Dept of Agriculture) (Agriculture)Administration Division (Gaming) (Gaming Commission, Nevada Gaming Control Board )Administration, Department of (Administration)Administrative Division (Legislature, Nevada )Administrative Office (Judiciary, The Nevada )Administrative Services (Dept of Administration) (Administration)Administrative Services (NDOT) (Transportation)Administrative Services Division (Motor Vehicles)Admissions & Records (TMCC) (Truckee Meadows Community College)Admissions & Records (WNC) (Western Nevada College)Admissions (College of Southern Nevada) (College of Southern Nevada)Admissions (GBC) (Great Basin College)Admissions (NSC) (Nevada State College)Admissions (UNR) (University of Nevada Reno)Aging and Disability Services Division (Health and Human Services)Agriculture, Board of (Agriculture)Agriculture, State Department of (Agriculture)Alcohol, Drug and Gambling Counselors; Nevada State Board of Examiners (Alcohol Drug and Gambling Counselors)Alfalfa Seed Advisory Board (Agriculture)Animal Industry (Agriculture)Applied Innovation Center (Desert Research Institute)Appraisal Commission (Business and Industry)Appraiser Certification Board (Taxation)Architecture, Interior Design and Residential Design; Nevada State Board of (Architecture, Interior Design and Residential Design, Nevada State Board of)Arts Council, Nevada (Tourism and Cultural Affairs)Assembly (Legislature, Nevada )Athletic Commission (Business and Industry)Athletic Trainers, Nevada State Board of (Athletic Trainers)Atmospheric Sciences (Desert Research Institute)Attorney General, Office of the (Attorney General)Audit Division (Gaming Commission, Nevada Gaming Control Board )Audit Division (Legislature) (Legislature, Nevada)Audit Division (Tax) (Taxation)Bar Examiners of Nevada (Bar Examiners of Nevada)Barbers Health and Sanitation Board, State (Barbers Health and Sanitation Board, State)Business and Support Services (Education)Business Entity Search (Secretary of State)Businesses - Silver Flume - DIGITAL OA (Secretary of State)Capitol Police Division (Public Safety)Career Readiness, Adult Learning & Education Options (Education)Cash Management (Treasurer)Catalog / Schedule / Calendar (College of Southern Nevada)Center for International Water and Sustainability (Desert Research Institute)Certified Court Reporters Board (Certified Court Reporters)Child and Family Services, Division of (Health and Human Services)Chiropractic Physicians' Board of Nevada (Chiropractic Physicians)Class Schedules (TMCC) (Truckee Meadows Community College)Class Schedules (WNC) (Western Nevada College)Clean Technologies and Renewable Energy Center (Desert Research Institute)Climate Office, Nevada State (Nevada State Climate Office)Collateral Pool (Treasurer)College of Southern Nevada (College of Southern Nevada)College Savings Plans, Nevada's (Treasurer)Colorado River Commission of Nevada (Colorado River Commission of Nevada)Commission on Tourism (Tourism and Cultural Affairs)Common-Interest Communities and Condominium Hotels, Commission for (Business and Industry)Compliance Enforcement Division (Motor Vehicles)Conservation & Natural Resources, Department of (Conservation and Natural Resources)Conservation Districts Program (Conservation and Natural Resources)Conservation Education Division (Wildlife)Construction (Transportation)Construction Education, Commission on (Construction Education, Commission on)Consumer Complaint Resolution, Division of (Public Utilities)Consumer Equitability (Agriculture)Contractors Board, State (Contractors Board)Controller, Office of the State (Controller)Corrections, Department of (Corrections)Cosmetology, State Board of (Cosmetology)Courses (Nevada State College)Court Directory (Judiciary, The Nevada )Criminal Justice (Attorney General)Criminal Justice Assistance, Office of (Public Safety)Cyber Defense, Office of (Public Safety)Data and Technology Services Division (Wildlife)Debt Management Division (Treasurer)Deferred Compensation Program, Nevada Public Employees (Administration)Demographer, State (Demographer)Dental Examiners of Nevada, Board of (Dental Examiners of Nevada)Department of Business and Industry (Business and Industry)Department of Indigent Defense (Department of Indigent Defense Services)Desert Research Institute (Desert Research Institute)Design Division (Transportation)Diplomatic Relations and Protocol, Office of (Economic Development)Director's Office (Administration)Dispensing Opticians, State of Nevada Board of (Dispensing Opticians)Displaced Homemakers, Board on the Education & Counseling of (Employment, Training and Rehabilitation)District Courts (Judiciary, The Nevada)DRI Labs and Facilities (Desert Research Institute)Driver Licensing, Nevada (Motor Vehicles)Early Learning and Development (Education)Earth and Ecosystem Sciences (Desert Research Institute)Economic Development, Commission on (Economic Development)Education, Board of (Education)Education, Department of (Education)Educational Technology, Commission on (Education)Educator Effectiveness (Education)Election Center (Secretary of State)Emergency Management/Homeland Security, Division of (Public Safety)Emergency Response Commission, Nevada State (Public Safety)Employee Management Relations Board (Business and Industry)Employment Security Division (Employment, Training and Rehabilitation)Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, Department of (Employment, Training and Rehabilitation)Energy, Office of (Governor)Enforcement Division (Gaming Commission, Nevada Gaming Control Board )Engineers and Land Surveyors, Nevada State Board of Professional (Engineers and Land Surveyors, Nevada State Board of Professional)Enterprise IT Services (Administration)Environmental Protection, Division of (Conservation and Natural Resources)Environmental Services Division (Transportation)Equal Rights Commission, Nevada (Employment, Training and Rehabilitation)Equalization, State Board of (Taxation)Ethics, Commission on (Ethics, State of Nevada Commission on)Film Office, Nevada (Economic Development)Finance, Board of (Treasurer)Finance, Governor's Office of (Governor)Financial Institutions Division (Business and Industry)Fire Marshal Division, State (Public Safety)Fiscal Analysis Division (Legislature, Nevada)Fisheries Division (Wildlife)Fleet Services Division (Administration)Food and Nutrition Division (Agriculture)Foreclosure Mediation (Judiciary, The Nevada )Forestry, Division of (Conservation and Natural Resources)Funeral Board, Nevada State (Funeral Board)Game Division (Wildlife)Gaming Commission, Nevada Gaming Control Board (Gaming Commission, Nevada Gaming Control Board )Garlic and Onion Growers' Advisory Board (Agriculture)Geographic Names, Nevada State Board on (Geographic Names)Geotechnical Section (Transportation)Governmental Affairs, Bureau of (Attorney General)Governor, Office of the (Governor)Governor's Workforce Development board (Employment, Training and Rehabilitation)Grant Procurement, Coordination & Management Office (Administration)Great Basin College (GBC) (Great Basin College)Habitat Division (Wildlife)Health and Human Services, Department of (Health and Human Services)Health Care Financing and Policy, Division of (Health and Human Services)Hearings and Appeals (Administration)Higher Education, Nevada System of (Higher Education, Nevada System of )Highway Patrol, Nevada (Public Safety)Historic Preservation Office (Conservation and Natural Resources)Homeland Security Commission, Nevada (Homeland Security (See Emergency Management))Homeland Security, Nevada (See Emergency Management) (Public Safety)Homeopathic Medical Examiners Board (Homeopathic Medical Examiners Board)Housing Division (Business and Industry)Human Resource Management (Administration)Hydrologic Sciences (Desert Research Institute)Indian Commission (Tourism and Cultural Affairs)Industrial Relations (Business and Industry)Information Development and Processing Division (Employment, Training and Rehabilitation)Information Technology, (Enterprise IT Services, Dept. of Administration) (Information Technology, (Enterprise IT Services, Dept. of Administration))Injured Workers, Attorney for (Business and Industry)Inmate Information (Corrections)Insurance Division (Business and Industry)Interim Finance Committee (Legislature, Nevada )Interscholastic Activities Association, Nevada (Education)Investigations Division (Gaming Commission, Nevada Gaming Control Board )Investigations Division (Public Safety) (Public Safety)JobConnect, Nevada (Employment, Training and Rehabilitation)Joint Information Committee, JIC (Governor)Judicial Council of the State of Nevada (Judiciary, The Nevada)Judicial Discipline, Commission on (Judicial Discipline)Judicial Selection, Commission on (Judiciary, The Nevada)Judiciary, The Nevada (Judiciary, The Nevada )Junior Livestock Show Board, Nevada (Agriculture)Justice Courts (Judiciary, The Nevada)Labor Commissioner (Business and Industry)Landscape Architecture, Nevada State Board (Landscape Architecture)Law Enforcement Division (Wildlife)Law Library, Nevada Supreme Court (Judiciary, The Nevada )Legal Division (Legislature, Nevada )Legislative Commission (Legislature, Nevada )Legislative Counsel Bureau (Legislature, Nevada )Legislature, Nevada (Legislature, Nevada )License Plates (Motor Vehicles)Licensing Center (Secretary of State)Lieutenant Governor, Office of the (Lieutenant Governor)Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Nevada Board for the Regulation of (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)Litigation, Bureau of (Attorney General)Livestock Identification (Agriculture)Long Term Care Administrators, Nevada (Long Term Care Administrators)Long Term Class Schedules (Great Basin College)Maintenance and Asset Management Division (Transportation)Manufactured Housing (Business and Industry)Marijuana in Nevada (Taxation)Marriage and Family Therapists and Clinical Professional Counselors, The Board of Examiners for (Marriage and Family Therapists and Clinical Professional Counselors)Massage Therapists, Nevada State Board of (Massage Therapy)Materials Section (Transportation)Medical Examiners, State Board of (Medical Examiners)Merit Award Board (Merit Award Board)Millennium Scholarship (Treasurer)Mineral Resources, Nevada Commission on (Minerals)Minerals (Minerals)Mines and Geology, Bureau of (University of Nevada Reno)Minority Affairs, Nevada Commission (Business and Industry)Mortgage Lending Division (Business and Industry)Motor Carrier Division (Motor Vehicles)Motor Vehicles, Department of (Motor Vehicles)Municipal Courts (Judiciary, The Nevada)Museums and History (Tourism and Cultural Affairs)Museums and History, Board of (Tourism and Cultural Affairs)Natural Heritage Program (Conservation and Natural Resources)Nevada Capital Investment Corporation (NCIC)- Silver State Opportunities Fund (Treasurer)Nevada Labor Market Information (Employment, Training and Rehabilitation)Nevada Magazine (Tourism and Cultural Affairs)Nevada State College (NSC) (Nevada State College)Nevada State college Class Search (Nevada State College)Nevada State Public Defender (Department of Indigent Defense Services)Nevada Volunteers (Nevada Volunteers)Nevada Wildlife Services (Agriculture)Nevada Workforce System (Employment, Training and Rehabilitation)Nuclear Projects, Agency for (Governor)Nursing, State Board of (Nursing)Occupational Therapy Board (Occupational Therapy Board)Off-Highway Vehicles, Nevada Commission on (Off-Highway Vehicles, Nevada Commission on )Office of New Americans (Governor)Office of the CIO (Administration)Office of the Registrar - Class Schedules (UNLV) (University of Nevada Las Vegas)Office of Workforce Innovation (OWINN) (Governor)Ombudsman of Consumer Affairs for Minorities (Business and Industry)Online Services (DMV) (Motor Vehicles)Online Services (SOS) (Secretary of State)Online Services (Tax) (Taxation)Open Government (Open Government)Operations (Transportation)Opticians, Dispensing (Opticians)Optometry, State Board of (Optometry)Oriental Medicine State Board (Oriental Medicine State Board)Osteopathic Medicine Board (Osteopathic Medicine Board)Pardons Commissioners, Nevada Board of (Public Safety)Parole and Probation (Public Safety)Parole Commissioners, Nevada Board of (Public Safety)Patient Protection Commission (Governor)Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission (Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission)Permanent Encroachment/Right-of-Way (Transportation)Personnel Commission (Personnel)Pharmacy, State Board of (Pharmacy)Physical Therapy Examiners, State Board (Physical Therapy Examiners)Planning (Transportation)Plant Industry (Agriculture)Podiatry State Board (Podiatry State Board)Postsecondary Education, Commission on (Postsecondary Education)Prepaid Tuition (Treasurer)Printing Division, State (Legislature, Nevada )Procurement Outreach, Nevada (Economic Development)Professional Responsibility, Office of (Public Safety)Professional Standards, Commission on (Education)Project Management (Transportation)Prosecuting Attorneys, Nevada Advisory (NVPAC) (Prosecuting Attorneys )Psychological Examiners Board (Psychological Examiners Board)Public and Behavioral Health (Health and Human Services)Public Defender, Office of the State (Health and Human Services)Public Employees Benefit Program (Public Employees Benefit Program)Public Employees Benefit Program, Board of (Public Employees Benefit Program)Public Employees Deferred Compensation Program (Public Employees Deferred Compensation Program)Public Employees' Retirement System of Nevada (Public Employees' Retirement System of Nevada)Public Safety, Department of (Public Safety)Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (Public Utilities)Public Works Division, State (Administration)Purchasing (Administration)Rangeland Resources Commission (Agriculture)Real Estate (Business and Industry)Records, Communications and Compliance Division (RCCD) (Public Safety)Registered Environmental Health Specialists (Registered Environmental Health Specialists)Rehabilitation Council, Nevada State (Employment, Training and Rehabilitation)Rehabilitation Division (Employment, Training and Rehabilitation)Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Authority, Nevada (Governor)Research and Analysis Bureau (Employment, Training and Rehabilitation)Research Division (Legislature, Nevada )Research Services (Desert Research Institute)Risk Management (Administration)Roadway Safety (Transportation)Roadway Systems (Transportation)Sales & Use Taxes (Taxation)Science, Innovation and Technology, Governor's Office of (Governor)Scientific Services (Desert Research Institute)Secretary of State, Office of the (Secretary of State)Securities Center - General Information (Secretary of State)Senate (Legislature, Nevada)Sex Offender Registry, Nevada (Public Safety)Silver Haired legislative Forum, Nevada (Legislature, Nevada )Silver State Health Insurance Exchange (Silver State Health Insurance Exchange)Silver State Modernization Approach for Resources & Technology in the 21st Century (SMART 21) (Governor)Silverstate Industries (Corrections)Social Workers, Board of Examiners (Social Workers, Board of Examiners)Special Education (Education)Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) (Education)Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensing Board (Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensing Board)Sports Agents, Notary, Securities, Document Preparation Services, Marriate Officiants, Digital Signatures (Secretary of State)Standards & Instructional Support (Education)Start a Business (SilverFlume) (Secretary of State)State Lands, Division of (Conservation and Natural Resources)State Library, Archives & Public Records (Administration)State Parks, Division of (Conservation and Natural Resources)Structures Division (Transportation)Supreme Court (Judiciary, The Nevada )Supreme Court, Clerk of the (Judiciary, The Nevada)Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (Tahoe Regional Planning Agency)Tax and License Division (Gaming Commission, Nevada Gaming Control Board )Tax Commission, Nevada (Taxation)Taxation, Department of (Taxation)Taxicab Authority (Business and Industry)Technology Division (Gaming Commission, Nevada Gaming Control Board )Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Department of (Tourism and Cultural Affairs)Traffic Safety, Office of (Public Safety)Training (Public Safety)Transportation Authority, Nevada (Business and Industry)Transportation Planning Division (Transportation)Transportation, Department of (Transportation)Travel Information (511, Road Conditions, Travel Nevada) (Transportation)Travel Information: Maps (Transportation)TravelNevada (Tourism and Cultural Affairs)Treasurer, Office of the State (Treasurer)Truckee Meadows Community College (Truckee Meadows Community College)Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Agency (TMRPA) (Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Agency)UCC eFilings & Searches (Secretary of State)Unclaimed Property (Treasurer)Undergraduate Admissions (UNLV) (University of Nevada Las Vegas)University of Nevada Las Vegas (University of Nevada Las Vegas)University of Nevada Reno (University of Nevada Reno)Vehicle Registration (Motor Vehicles)Veteran's Services Commissions & Committees, Nevada (Veteran's Services Commission)Veteran's Services, Nevada Office of (Veteran's Services)Veterinary Medical Examiners, State Board (Veterinary Medical Examiners, State Board)Victims of Crime (Administration)Voter Registration Statistics (Secretary of State)Water Resources, Division of (Conservation and Natural Resources)Welfare and Supportive Services, Division of (Health and Human Services)Western Nevada College (Western Nevada College)Western Regional Climate Center (Desert Research Institute)WICHE (Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education)Wildland Fire Science Center (Desert Research Institute)Wildlife Commissioners, Nevada Board of (Wildlife)Wildlife Diversity (Wildlife)Wildlife, Department of (Wildlife)