State of Nevada - Executive Budget Book Cover 2017-2019

Request for Dynamic Cover

In late fall, 2016, Nevada Magazine was asked to help create a dynamic cover for this year’s Governor’s Executive Budget. We were told that there was a desire for something completely different from years prior, and also something all-inclusive, as regards representing the entire state.

    Being a photographer, but relatively new to the magazine, I was a little unsure, but I sincerely believe that it’s the photography and other visual art in this state that best represent it, so I dug into the archives on our server and found the treasure trove of past Great Nevada Picture Hunt winners. With a couple small exceptions, those are the images that you see on that cover composite. There were a couple locations that needed filling, so I and another photographer friend, Dennis Doyle, provided some images to round everything out. Every photo in that collage is geographically placed, meaning each photo shows up in the design very close to where it was photographed.

      Photos compiled by Nevada Magazine's Art Director, Kippy S. Spilker (Great Nevada Picture Hunt):

      • Fly Geyser - Ann Brinkoetter
      • Black Rock Desert - Larry Turner
      • Antelope - Dennis Doyle
      • Winnemucca - Larry Angier
      • Pyramid Lake - Sally Hanrahan
      • Fernley - Tom Jones IV
      • Fallon - Kippy S. Spilker
      • Ruby Mountains - Jodi Esplin
      • Reno - Neil Lockhart
      • Virginia City - Liz Huntington
      • Austin - Shaun Astor
      • Ely - Lori Drew
      • Tahoe - William Carr
      • Carson City State Museum & Carson Valley - Kippy S. Spilker
      • Round Mountain - Barry Glazier
      • Crescent Dunes - Kippy S. Spilker
      • Gold Point - Jack Freer
      • Tonopah - Jim Galli
      • Panaca - JT Dudrow
      • Rhyolite - Wayne Posner
      • Mesquite - Cliff LaPlant
      • Red Rock Canyon - Thomas U. Knapp
      • Las Vegas Native American - Randa Bishop
      • Valley of Fire - Jim Snyder
      • Las Vegas Strip - Gary Reese
      • Hoover Dam - Mike Lienhard
      • Henderson - Jordan Gerrard

      Executive Budget Book Cover 2017-2019

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